24 FebUsing eBay to sell sim cards with credit on them!

Here at SellYourCredit.com, we just can’t understand why people continue to sell sim cards (with credit on) using eBay.

A quick search of eBay today (24/02/12) revealed nearly 500 listings when searching for ‘sim with credit’. Many of these listings had multiple sim cards for sale.

The average eBay sale price of a sim card with £10 credit on it is £6. Out of that sale price, you have to take off eBay insertion fees, eBay sale fees (typically 10% of the sale amount) and postage costs. Even if the postage costs are picked up by the buyer and the insertion fee is zero, the seller, after fees, will typically receive £5.40 for their sim with £10 credit on.

So, the eBay seller has to go to the effort of listing the item, wait 7 days for the auction to end, then cross their fingers and hope the buyer pays, wait 3 days for the buyer to pay, package the sim up, take it to the post office, wait in a huge queue, pay postage fees and hope the sim actually arrives with the buyer.

This sounds like a lot of hassle to us; and for less money that they would have received had they simply sold the credit on the sim through SellYourCredit.com.

In the eBay example above, the seller got £5.40 in 10 days. With SellYourCredit.com the same seller would have got £5.50 with payout times averaging 10 days. Also, with SellYourCredit.com, the whole transaction would have taken less than a minute. No trips to the post office, no packaging the item and guaranteed payment. Added to this the inherent data protection and privacy issues involved in selling sim cards on eBay, we just can’t understand why people continue to do it!

In short, you get less money, it’s more hassle and it’s more risky to sell credit on eBay than through SellYourCredit.com. So, if you have any spare or unwanted credit on your sim card; or you are looking to sell an old sim card with credit on it then SellYourCredit.com. It just makes sense!

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